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​NEW!!!   Life Coaching for Students (Grades 4-12)

Elizabeth Lewis is a retired, award-winning school teacher. She'll use her coaching skills to work with your student! She will help with;

* Confidence building                                                            * Limiting beliefs
* Help deal with bullying                                                      * Goal setting
* How to improve relationships                                         * Connecting feelings
* Work on organizational skills                                           * Managing life transitions (divorce, new school, etc)
* Increase self-esteem                                                           * Change negative core beliefs
 * Decision making                                                                
   * How to increase positive thoughts
* Life skills (hygiene, manners, money management, budgeting, etc.)

Here are my Coaching for Students Package details:

* I offer a 15 min. FREE consultation to make sure the student needs a coach and not a therapist. Make sure we are a good fit!

Session 1- Meet with the parent 1-on-1

Session 2 and 3- Coaching w the student 1-on-1


 If you want more sessions, I’ll give you the price for that number of sessions.

One-year package- $900.00 (12 sessions) 

Full text/email privileges between sessions, as needed. 


Coaching Packages

** Life Coaching, Dating Consulting and Couples Coaching

packages are the same price.**

1 time ONLY session- $120- This is for those who just need a quick coaching session and are maybe not sure if they want 3 or more.

3 Sessions -  $345

4 Sessions -  $445

5 Sessions -  $545

10 Sessions -  $1000

NEW!! ONE YEAR commitment package- $900 - (12 sessions for $75.00 each). We will meet once a month for a year-

with full text and email in between sessions. Any special given will not apply to this package because it's already greatly


Full texting and email access with me between sessions is included.

To schedule a free consultation, go to

Dating Support Group Option  I have several class options. Email me!

Couples Coaching- I have several options. Email me!

Classes: For those interested in weekly classes, support- click on the "classes" tab to learn more.