Elizabeth Lewis

I believe my clients are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. Wherever we are in our lives, sometimes we need an outside resource to get us to the next level. Sometimes a best friend can get us there, or if we need to dive into our past, a therapist. But usually a life coach is all that’s needed. If you choose me to be your coach, I’ll help you become a deliberate creator of these next steps and help you stay accountable. Here is what you can expect:

* A free consultation (phone) to see if we are a good fit for each other. If therapy or spiritual counseling is a better option, then we’ll discuss that and I can give you some referrals.
* A discovery session where we look at all aspects of your life and target areas of greatest need to tackle.
* Values identification—are you living your life with your core values?
* Tackling any area you’d like to move toward the next level.

The power of coaching lies not only with the synergy of our relationship, but also in the focus you have in between sessions. This is ultimately what will make changes in your life. 

Reasons for life coaching! 

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What to expect

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​Becoming more motivated

Eliminating negative self-talk
Achieving work/life balance
Getting more organized
Establishing priorities
Creating a vibrant lifestyle
Achieving personal goals
Discovering your passion and purpose
Time management

Money management/budgeting
Improving communication skills
Life transitions (divorce, empty-nester, etc)
Improve with parenting
Personal development
Having a neutral person to whom you will be accountable
Exploring spirituality
Love and relationships
Being stuck in relationships
Improving relationships
Support with weight loss
Getting “unstuck” in a paradigm
Decluttering your mental and physical space
Becoming more positive

Now coaching students (grade 4+)