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Work on YOU! 

We’ve all heard it—you can’t love someone else unless you love yourself. This is so true. You need to be sure you’re grounded in yourself (have taken a long enough break between relationships) and have a healthy perspective for dating. Whether you want to date casually to get back in the game or are more focused on a committed relationship, it’s important for us to discuss why you’d like me to coach you.

If you’re lacking confidence in meeting new people, we can talk about your personal gifts and change your perspective on fears and threats of meeting new people. If you’re newly divorced and feel insecure about getting back into the dating world, we will talk about who you’re looking for and how to get there. We will brainstorm all options.

YOU are the only one who can take responsibility in this arena. If you’re struggling, stuck, or think in an unhealthy way, we can change your perspective and behaviors. We are energetic beings that attract similar beings to us. Negative begets negative results. Once you’ve worked on yourself, you’re ready to attract.