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 Learning and talking about dating perspectives is most effective when done in community. Some of our content is Biblical and some is not. But we discuss and support each other as we learn and grow. Below are the classes I offer.

Life, Love and Dating Class

My Life, Love and Dating Class is a weekly class I host every other Tuesday (summers and holidays off). 85% of the time we discuss dating perspectives/ issues. The other 15% we talk about different life issues.  This is organized 100% on Facebook- in a closed group. If you’re interested in joining, you must come at least once a month to remain in the group. $5.00 a week. The age range is 40-70 so truly all ages. The dating issues are very similar.

Girl's Night In

This is offered about 2 times a year. $40.00 We go through a video series with a dating expert and do lots of reflecting. It's VERY good and worth the investment in yourself. (I used to charge $50.00 and included dinner and wine but took that out so I could lower the price). 

Body Language of Love and Dating

This is a 4-week class I offer in the summer and/or I can offer to a group of 20-30 in your home/city anytime. Must pay in advance.  

Love, Sex and Dating Class

This is a 4-week class I can offer to a group of 20-30 in your home/city anytime. Must pay in advance. 

Connecting Couples: This is for married and engaged couples, as well as those in committed, serious relationships. We right now are meeting once a month in a class called Monthly Couples' Enrichment. This is a great way to enhance what is already good in your relationship.  Let me know if you'd like me to add you to our closed group on Facebook!