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About Elizabeth

I am a widow, mother of 2 and a retired elementary teacher. I taught 27 years in Jefferson County Public School in Louisville, KY (1996 KY Elementary Teacher of the Year, 1998 Ashland Teacher Achievement Award). I'm an elder in my church and love people. In 2011, I founded the largest singles group in Louisville (2500+ ppl) called Singles Meet Singles, LLC. The goal of SMS is to connect (to other singles) traveling the same path (most are 45-65+ age range), support (where each is) and serve (in our communities). Hundreds of new friendships and relationships have emerged as a result of this group (in fact many have left the organized group because they have a large group of new friends who now connect on a regular basis! How awesome is that?)

After years of talking about dating issues (and exploring the dating world myself), my "niche" is working with relationships (3/4 of my clients are single). I feel like this is a great need in the community. I'm definitely NOT a matchmaker or a “Hitch”, rather I help my clients explore different dating perspectives and help them pick the one that best honors their values. Each client gets full text and email access to me between sessions. I also just started a marriage/couples enrichment class. I want to get couples who are doing WELL and keep them doing well so they don't end up in my single's class. 

I just wrote a book called First Date Next Mate: Perspectives in Dating the "Next" Time Around. This is best for widow/ers, divorced or a little older and never married. Filled with lots of dating tips and perspectives. Click the last tab to order! 

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