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Elizabeth Lewis

Life Coaching

​We all want to live a happy, productive life. In the big picture, we’re all here a very short amount of time~ so why not try to squeeze the most out of it that we can? Right?

Life can be stressful, disappointing and discouraging…… OR…… wonderful, exciting and fulfilling. We sometimes get overwhelmed and as we try to simplify, it gets complicated. We sometimes start unhealthy behaviors (i.e. overuse of technology or TV, gossip, addiction, procrastination, avoidance, negativity). We get stuck in this cycle and it’s sometimes hard to get out.

To tackle some of these life challenges, perhaps a life coach is a good choice. Someone to help push you forward; to re-energize you so you can have a more fulfilling life. My role will be to hold a space for you to dive deeper, moving forward…. amazing things can happen. We will, together, be deliberate and intentional about examining the true YOU!

I’m passionate about people. I’ll share my enthusiasm of life with you and help you live out your values. Also, we Americans like to bury our emotions. Vulnerability is key to being healthier so I’ll be the person to whom being vulnerable is allowed and encouraged. There is no shame in being vulnerable.